Towards a Systems Approach for Chronic Diseases, with More Agility

Rising burden in chronic diseases requires re-design of “how we cope”, as a community of innovators, including the testing of new interdisciplinary, participatory models that may speed up innovation. Based on the 2017 paper in F1000Research, in which a first draft for an Open Science systems approach was published, we will discuss where the momentum is currently, with examples from specific diseases. Apart from the development of the systems approach, centered on visual health state modeling, this includes collaborations with innovation hubs on the design of “agile loops” for testing new innovation paradigms, across stakeholders. Such loops would capture value for patients and healthcare providers, using a “minimum viable product” style strategy for enabling faster traction on the ground.  Where do we need to adjust the agile approach as used in digital innovation space, designed to be as close as possible to users / customers, to solving scientific / medical problems in Precision Medicine?