Michael Rebhan, Switzerland

After a PhD on the biology of disease (1996, in Germany), Dr. Rebhan did a postdoc in bioinformatics (creating GeneCards, at the Weizmann Institute, Israel, until 1998), and then joined industry as a scientist in AstraZeneca during the early days of omics and ‘big data’ technology (Boston, USA). After some time in a biomedical startup in Germany (2000-2002), he helped to build up ‘big data’ for disease biology research capabilities in Singapore (2002-2004, Biopolis). 2004 he moved to Basel, Switzerland, to join Novartis as a scientist in research. His focus is on understanding the real world complexity of disease, including the biological, medical, and other aspects. As we reinvent the way how we investigate it in R&D, Precision Medicine is an overarching theme in his interests, including translational challenges in neglected areas of medical need. In terms of indications, he is interested in indications related to Regenerative Medicine and early stages of chronic diseases. He has recently published an Open Science approach to ‘connect the dots’ in how we develop solutions across silos in chronic diseases, which includes a more central role for computational modeling in crowd-based learning.