Is Venture Capital the Best Way to Finance Disruption

As Healthcare Innovation is advancing and entering the digital age there is an enormous potential fort he creation of new businesses. While Europe is struggling to catch-up with the Venture Capital based financing of Innovation through start-ups the question arises whether Europe once again will dramatically fall behind the US in bringing inventions in digital health to market. The common sense of Economic Development in Europe and elsewhere in the world has so far been to copy cat the US-VC-craze inventing literally hundreds of «XYZ-Valleys». The result is more than disappointing and even though certain hubs have emerged they still come nowhere close to US-dimensions. So it might be time to discuss an alternative scenario of fostering innovation, based on the strong industrial (and educational) backbone of Central Europe creating a collaborative and open, nevertheless entrepreneurial ecosystem – also taking in consideration that «health» is (and should always remain) a public good.