Evidence Synthesis -- A new frontier for Machine Learning/AI (Back to the future)

Medicine had been a data science from its inception. The evidence synthesis methodology has been pioneered by the medical/epidemiological/statistical community for ages with the standards established over the last 50 years. With the astonishing number of therapeutic entities entering the clinical practice a new,  the new era of combination therapy of the existing entities, and the medical community is struggling to to keep up to date with the synthesis. Formulating  coherent and up to date medical guidelines for therapeutics becoming intractable (to humans).

In this presentation, Athula will share his thoughts and experience in using AI/Machine learning to automate various stages of evidence synthesis of RWE. 
  • Automating data extraction for published medical literature based on Real World Evidence
  • Automating meta-analysis  (the traditional way) and dealing with RWE
  • Novel machine learning based meta-analysis for synthesising RWE
  • Automating the inference for evidence synthesis and compilation of treatment guidelines based on RWE