De-Risking Early Stage Science Ventures

A large majority of innovative startups are university spin-outs issued from years of academic research into one field. This model is in many ways sub-optimal for creating and therefore investing in ventures. We believe there is a better, quicker, cheaper way of creating successful companies that can scale. Spin-outs are most often based on scientific research of an academic done in one department on the back of publications and university intellectual property. This creates several risks. The technology was not developed directly in answer to a problem in society, the academic often does not have the entrepreneurial qualities required to make a startup thrive, and the IP is locked into the university, months and huge amounts of paperwork away from being licensed out. 

At DSV we reverse the model of venture creation to avoid these barriers and consequently de-risk the process and investment despite operating at an early stage. With our team of expert founding-analysts we attempt to understanding an industry as a whole, it's needs and thresholds for innovation. Once an opportunity has been identified we acquire the assets needed such as a datasets, we then recruit a team around the venture that perfectly matches the skills required to develop the technical solution as well having entrepreneurial qualities. This team, funded by DSV then attempts to achieve proof of concept for their technical solution, at which point they incorporate and we invest.