AI in Healthcare: Implementation Strategies and Enterprise Valuation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data are key drivers for disruption in many industries and change the way business works from its core. Major industries across different segments are increasingly investing in digital capabilities and not only after IBM Watson, the global players in healthcare are looking for concrete implementation strategies and potential acquisitions in this segment. 

This presentation covers an introduction into AI strategy in healthcare as one of the largest application fields of AI. The content focuses on specific application strategies and AI tailored enterprise valuation. The presentation is based on global practical experience in AI strategy and M&A in Digital Health projects at Syte as well as coauthored publications. Among others abstracts of two publications will be presented: “Too big to ignore – How to define enterprise value of AI and Big Data firms” and “Artificial Intelligence: Strategic Challenges for Established Companies” which are currently in press in the US and in Germany.